Is Sugar Poison?

cinnabonWhile experts recommend that women limit themselves to 6 tsp. of added sugars and men to 9 tsp., one Cinnabon-brand cinnamon roll contains 13 tsp. Several weeks ago, the Green American editorial staff started researching an issue theme centered on sugar. With the labor abuse in the sugar industry and the fact that much of the sugar sold in the US comes from genetically modified sugar beets, we thought we’d have plenty of social and environmental problems to cover. We knew that science has long been establishing links between sugar and obesity and type 2 diabetes. But what we were surprised to discover was just how serious of an impact sugar is having on human health. So we shifted our focus to look more closely at those health impacts in the April/May 2013 issue of the Green American , and the results were much worse than we’d expected. America [...]

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